Jane sent me this.  Apparently Nikita is still upset about Jane pulling her story from TP
“I just buried your new publisher bitch.


You fuck with Tabloid Purposes, I will put it out there that your publisher had made it clear that she was offering scans of House of Spiders 3 — you support piracy in the same vein and took a shit on one of the author’s grave when you had the book pulled. The fuck with your career and fuck your other career paths.

I will see to it you will never get a book sale or a signing in Chicago. I have enough pull to make that happen.

Fuck your company and the hell with your career as a writer or poet. Get the fuck out of this business FREAK.”

“You couldn’t bury a turd with your bare hands in a sand dune, jerk.

You are a laughing stock of the entire internet, as well as in Chicago. The only pull you have is the one you give your dick while watching gay porn.

I have been nice to you up until now. If you EVER write to me again, I will team up with Ant and make sure you spend the rest of your miserable life in a psych ward. I used to feel sorry for you – now I feel nothing. I am a Warrior, and you are the eternal Victim- always pointing your nasty finger at everyone else for everything in your life instead of taking some damn personal responsibility. You make me sick.”