A series of technical glitches has delayed the books we had planned to have out last year, but we are very close now.  I put a 2008 copyright notice on them, and now find that I will need to redo that.  I need to have the books actually in print before getting them copyrighted.

This is going to be especially annoying with Angie’s collection.  Tim appears to have it fixed, but I will be phoning the LSI tech today to make certain that all is well.

After a midnight discussion with Owen Kuhn, Tim willard, and Phil Smith, I have decided to have the cover of Fireborn Law redone.

In order to reduce cost and get some cash coming in, I’m going to release the next batch of books as ebooks first.  Then gradually bring all of them out as print books.

The Daverana and Flashing Swords sites are in the process of getting an overhaul.


The final revision of  If Truth Dies is close to finished.

I am going over the new version of Mother Damnation and looking for decent places to break it into smaller books for e-pub and looking for a new artist to do the covers.

Publishing Facts.

ODD Thoughts.

Owen and Tim were surprised at what small budgets the small press world has per title.  Having been published mainly by the RPG markets, they are used to seeing much larger budgets for art.  The main problem with RPG is that it has a very small number of companies and there are far more artists than publication opportunities for artists.

Many ebook companies don’t pay for covers.  They locate pre-existing artwork and talk the artist into letting them use it free.  This has also been the case with many PoD publishers, such as Wildside.  Again, it’s a situation of more artists than opportunities.

There are more opportunities to “sell” (and I use the term loosely) art to the small press than there is to the RPG markets.