I asked Chuckie the handyman to help me fix a few things around the apartment.

All was fine with that and I managed to get some work done.  It turned into a long day, got in some work on Truth, and a brief discussion with Tim on a few matters, and a discussion of art with Owen.

Chuckie got interrupted by a phone call and had to leave for a bit, but returned later to continue to work on the stuff.

He did and we’re nearly finished with some of the repairs and adjustments to the place.  However, by 7PM, I was all set to enjoy a few hours of relaxation on Warcraft.  Raingods and I were helping a friend with a quest in the Uldaman instance.

The front door opens and Pete the landlord walks in.  He is an obsessively talky individual.    First he stands and looks at what I am doing.  Then he talks non-stop about PC games, and how he’s never tried warcraft.  Then he asks if the ceiling in the bathroom was ever fixed and has a look at that with Chuckie in tow.  Then he comes back and watches me while smoking a cigarette.  Then he talks about games again and books, and so forth and finally I gave up and left the game.