I am now into the final phase of getting our first books out from Lightning Source.  It has been an agony of errors at times.  I approved the proof of Symphony for the Forgotten by  Angeline Hawkes and set a cover price of $7.79.  The book looks good at this point.  I called my rep who informed me that I needed to talk to the tech in charge to set other matters and discuss the distributor discounts and so forth, preferably by email.  So I emailed and was informed that I had set it up for digital short runs and not direct distribution to the outlets they are connected to.  It seems that somehow they lost the isbns I gave them.

That’s odd because when I first set up my account with them last year, they wanted me to give them the isbns or they would not give me an account.  Which means that they had to have lost the initial information.

I am also wondering if they have changed to a more self publishing friendly approach during the period between my getting the account and the first books coming out.  I will look into that.

If Truth Dies has been turned over to Steven Beeho for editing.  I finally finished those revisions.  It is now 105k words.  It grew by 30k over the version that Renebooks published.

We have had a small Dagstine eruption.  He’s claiming that he is an expert on neurology.  According to his previous posts and his comments on this blog, Shocklines, and that fellow’s blog who wrote about the subject of internet addiction, post polio syndrome is equivalent to having a bad cold or an upset stomach.  Being an  ‘expert’ on neurology (cough, cough,) he knows that polio is not a neurological disorder, but a stomach virus that gives you a bad case of the sniffles.

Have a look at Rusty Nail and Shocklines for a glimpse of the newest form Daggy’s nitwittery has taken.

It is my personal belief that Dagstine suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and cannot tell truth from lies; therefore, he lies all the time.

I also think that Dagstine is a closeted transvestite or a full blown tranny who has not yet come to grips with their true inner nature.