Last year, Dagstine was claiming that I am an internet addict.

I am definitely internet dependent.  I have no life without my internet.  But I’m a special case. (yeah, everyone thinks they are an exception, waah, waah, waah.)

As most of my readers know, I had polio at age eight.  My left leg is so withered that I can put my hand around the largest part of my left calf.  The difference in the length of my legs led to curvature of my lower spine.  When I have to walk any distance, I have pain so severe it makes me nauseous.  I lose all the color in my face, and bright patches appear in my cheeks.  I may end up getting a plain old fashioned wheelchair so that I can at least go to the shopping mall from time to time.

My insurance will not cover a mobility scooter for me.  But even if it did, what am I going to do with it?

The internet is my window on the world.

So, since Daggy failed to get the ‘internet addict’  label to stick on the phone, he now applies it to the fact that I play warcraft.  It is clear that he is not able to let it go.

I need to relax from time to time and warcraft supplies my needs.  I get my work done, talk to friends both on the phone and online.

I also read messageboards from time to time.

I blog from time to time.

I have my first book available from LSI, Symphony for the Forgotten by Angeline Hawkes just went on sale.

I have finished revising If Truth Dies and turned it into the editor and have been adding his changes into the manuscript.

I am currently reading and revising Mother Damnation (my collaboration with Tim Willard).  I am also revising Kynyr’s War, the fourth book in the Lycan Blood series.

I am currently doing a lot of paperwork and going through a lot of red tape to get my business off the ground.

And I’m addicted to World of Warcraft?  When do I get to sleep?

Let’s just count the hours?  If I’m playing Warcraft 12 hours a day seven days a week, and spending ten hours a day working my normal schedule, and then getting a good night’s sleep of 8 hours, and hmmmn.  There’s not that many hours in a day is there?

There are days when I will play Warcraft for 12 hours straight.  However, they are few and far between.  I reward myself with a few hours of Warcraft in the evenings for getting a good day’s work in.  I will sometimes play for an hour or two in the day time if I need to get unwound from several hours of writing.  I call it airing my head out.  It helps me shift gears.

Dagstine’s special brand of stupid is showing again.

Dagstine, you don’t want to start showing up on my radar.  You seriously don’t want that.

We all know that you have no talent.  We all know how stupid you are.  Why don’t you take some good advice and  leave me alone or stop with the stupid?