Philbin posted a new conspiracy thread on Shocklines. I’ll talk about this one and then go back to ignoring them while I get work done.  This one is just pictures.

We have 50 states, we have a gun-nutter population, and those 13 soldiers would not make it two blocks if the community decided to open up on them.  My personal estimate is that it would take an army that was at least 400 times larger than current forces to even make a beginning at controlling the populace of the US if the people decided to hand the government their arses.

I personally believe that anarchy is more likely than any kind of New World Order in this country.  Iraq is an excellent example of what would happen to American military if a New World Order were declared by our government.  Except that our civilians are far better armed and more heavily armed in many sectors than the Iraqis.

Wake up and smell the whisky, Philbin.