“You did a professional editing job with a fast turnaround, and you certainly know your SF.” Lawrence Dagstine.

I had a long look at the woman that Dagstine brought up in the ghostwriter thread on Shocklines and found that testimonial.  I contacted her pretending to be a potential client and learned that she has been revising and ghosting his material for the past year which accounts for the improvement in his style.

Considering that all of Dagstine’s sales have been in the semi-semi-pro or the 4theluv markets, he is certainly paying out a lot of money to make nothing at all.

And Dagstine, I am warning you.  I have been in touch with a private investigator who has given me a lot of dirt on you.  Keep on hassling me and I will start making it public.  Then we’ll let the Court of Public Opinion pronounce sentence upon your head.