Angeline Hawkes’ new collection, Symphony for the Forgotten, is now available at online stores like Amazon. com and Barnes and Nobles.

My blurb/description  for the book  was a bit lacking.  I was having physical difficulties at the time, but Angie grabbed the ball and kept it rolling by posting a lot more of the various blurbs and reviews she has gotten in a review on it.  I appreciated that.

My brain is turning over.

I now have a paypal business account, which is going to help a lot in keeping Daverana Enterprises going smoothly.

On the negative side, the cpu fan quit and it looks like the cpu is damaged.  I have ordered a new cpu, fan, and motherboard.  With the quad core boards and cpu dominating sales currently, I was able to get a dual core at a very reasonable price.

I have also backed up everything important onto my external drive.