More and more I am becoming convinced that the majority of people do not understand what the term “Deus Ex Machina” actually means.

Literally it is the “God in the Machine.”  The machine originated in ancient Greece.  It was a platform on which a “god” was lowered onto the stage to resolve the plot at the end, rescue the protagonist, or settle disputes.

Wikipedia’s take on it.

What it is not:

When something is properly foreshadowed then it is NOT a deus ex machina.

Case in point.

I gave Talons a magic horn that summons help or stirs up people to act.  The horn had featured in a series of other tales.  And Dynarien gave the horn to her in order to both help her and gain some favor with her.

When Aejys is in trouble and Talons can’t reach her, she blows the horn to get help.

Three people answer the call to rescue Aejys from the hands of  Lord Hoon: Pieface, Dynarien, and the Mad Lich Carloff.

Foreshadowing to go along with this spoiler.

1) it had been made clear that Hoon knew he was risking the possiblity that the Lich King of Norendel would notice his presence in the lich’s territory.

2) Pieface had been following Talons around for two books already trying to get her to kiss him.

3) Dynarien had been trying to get a kiss (and a bit more) from Talons, so that demi-god was lurking about as always.

4) Talons had been looking for Aejys in the first place, so it was logical for her to give the horn a try right then.

Yet, I have been accused of using a deus ex machina there.

What do you think?