At the moment, I am primarily working on the revisions of Kynyr’s War, book four of my Lycan Blood series. The version that Renebooks published in 07 was only 89k words. The current revised version is 104,083 and growing.

In order to keep the length down, so that Jean did not decide to split the book up, I had dropped one of the sub plots, but that left the final book in the series insufficiently foreshadowed.

Book 7, The Shadowed Princes, is where the thanes arrive to decide who will rule Red Wolf following the death of Chieftain Claw Redhand: his bastard grandson or a thane-appointed regent for the twin infant sons of his daughter, Merissa.

Now, I am showing the full machinations of Thane Clennan Doherty and his family who believe they ought to be ruling Red Wolf.