In the old days I used to keep voluminous notes on everything I did. Most of them were destroyed by Jean over the years. That was back when she was still Hank.

As the years progressed post-Jean, I became more and more stressed out when I attempted to keep track of things. It became a given that I would have attacks of panic and extended moments of feeling overwhelmed. This is a PTSD thing that happens in the silences, but not during the episodes that created it.

After bollocking up several attempts to keep a coherent timeline on my series, I resorted to the intellectual equivalent of counting on my fingers.

It did not work out so well.

Yesterday Steven instructed me to create a timeline (and stop procrastinating about it) for book four of the lycan series.

On reflection, I realized that I really needed to go back and start working on the timeline with the first book and work my way up to book four.

And….. (drum roll please)


I had fucked up.

So I am back to fixing book 1.

Fortunately, it’s simple; just a bit time consuming.