Pirate Rebellion

European Report

I support these efforts.  I think the greed of companies has gotten out of hand in an age when people most value the free exchange of information.

Copyright, patent, and Trademark definitions, applications, and enforcement need a serious overhaul.

I have used the term polymancer since 1979, where it first appeared in a Chimquar the Lionhawk  short story.  It is a logical word to create.

Polymancer Studios were “tipped off” by Dagstine that I was infringing their copyright.  My use of the word does not show up on a google search until page 65.

I don’t know how this is going to turn out, but I have been told that I will have my arse sued off if I don’t remove it from all my previously published works and my website.

In this day and age it is possible to remove a word from the public vocabulary with a click of a button and some hard cash.

They will have to locate all the small press publications that published my works over the last 30 years and order them burned.  Otherwise its out there.

While I can understand someone wanting to protect their investment in a trademark, literary usage of a term that had been in play since the Golden Age is carrying matters too far.

I did not invent the term.  It’s been around since I was a teenager reading the old pulps.  You can find it in old issues of Weird Tales.

In the US, the rule is not who used it first, but who trademarked it.

Daverana has offered them a compromise, and they have told use that it will take a few days for their legal department to go over it

I intend to stand my ground, but we’ll see where this goes.