Instead of simply finding a word on my website and attempting to shake me down, they should have taken a long hard look at just who and what they were dealing with.

I was shaken initially.  I called my gunslinger and had him deal with them while I pulled myself together.  I went over 30 hours without sleep, living on coffee, smokes, and chocolate candy, while I investigated them and contacted my experts.

And I posted across the net, certain that, as always people would come to me with leads and information.

They did.

As the investigation continues, I will say that they may be facing criminal charges as well as a countersuit should they try to carry out their threats.

They sent an email to the owner of sfreader, Dave Felts, and he posted it on the thread I started.  Their so-called legal beagle did not know proper legal language nor the difference between libel and slander.

The name of their legal beagle does not show up on a search on either the Canadian or American Bar Association membership rosters.