I solo’d the dragon Teremus in Blasted Lands on my main, and was riding back through Duskwood.  Stitches comes bolting through.  I dismounted and waited for him to attack.

Everyone hates Stitches.  No one who has run Duskwood has failed to get killed at least once by him.  Usually several times.

I guess it was my main’s lvl that stopped him, but Stitches refused to either pass me or attack me.  He just stayed there brandishing his weapons.

I posted on the general chat that I was going to kill him and if someone wanted the femur to get there soon.

A lvl 23 gnome mage showed up.  I killed Stitches in 2 blows and the little gnome got the femur.

And that set me to thinking about my writing.

I can definitely imagine a monster —  running through Red Wolf terrorizing everyone and everything — having to think twice on encountering Jordy.

_____First draft of new scene follows.

“Not as I wish, but as I know must be.  You’re too young and too inexperienced to understand the game, Sibeal.  The real threat is not this bastard prince, but Todd Sinclair.  His fame alone could bring the north, the midlands, even part of the south to Kynyr’s banner.”

“He’s old.”  A note of petulant impatience entered Sibeal’s voice.  She flounced from the chair and covered herself with a robe.

“You’re missing it entirely, Sibeal.  The older thanes will remember him.  Most of the younger thanes grew up hearing tales of his prowess and honor.  They cut their milk teeth on his legend.  That’s something a bitch would never understand.  While you were being taught needle work and weaving, every lycan commander was studying Todd’s strategies and tactics.”

“I have every confidence in you, Trey.  You’re better than he is.”

“Am I?  I wish to bloody hell that Todd had stayed on that farm of his.  Kynyr alone we could handle.  He’s young and inexperienced.  He may be a good warrior.  He may even be a fine warrior.  Todd is another story.  And then there is his son, Jordan.  He’s the foremost Bane Shepherd in all of lycandom, a young Todd by all accounts.  If I could discover where Jordan is, I would send assassins after him.”

“Faerwald and Lairgan could handle this Jordan.”

“Not bloody likely.”  Tremayne chuckled darkly.  “Say Jordan’s name in front of them, and they cower.  My father and I have been careful not to tell them that Todd is Jordan’s father.  I would love to know what Jordan did that has them so nervous.  My father gets his hands on the best killers he can find, and they develop a yellow stripe down their bloody backs at the first whiff of Jordan.”