It doesn’t take ten pages to decide that you don’t like a book.  And if you are offended or disgusted by the contents you were exposed to, it makes sense to put a review up at amazon about your reaction to it.

Here is a sample of Phailbin’s latest novel, Chimeratown.    And I can decide that I dislike it.

First off I never liked second person.

Second, the character is not sympathetic and I can get no feeling for him.

The sample reads like a rant on a blog, not a novel.

“Don’t stay near me, it whispers and hisses. The sea is a real black, angry, ugly place to be – a correct and proper statement of intent for a serial killer of a nutjob like me”

First off, no one in real life would talk or think this way of themselves.  We are all heroes in our own life stories.  I think he should have done his research and found out about the thought processes of serial killers.

You will not hear the locals use that name though, certainly not until I make them say it with teeth broken and vision affected by a broken eye socket, blood tearing down their foreheads. I will then see them smile when they say my real name. Geoffrey. A fighting name. A tagging name. A territorial name. A moniker of fact and misfortune

What’s wrong with the name Geoffrey? If someone had named him Sue or Throckmorton, maybe he would have difficulty. But Geoffrey is a fine old name.

Waiting for her transformative prowess to spill its grease all over my burning cock, what else is worth waiting for?

And once more he can’t resist putting the sex in the book in pornographic terms.

The clouds, those ancient forbearers of malevolence shallows shades of emasculated grey, pale in comparison to the creative fury of such a mass of death and anger

Emasculated? Shallows? This exceedingly purple metaphor simply does not work at all. There is nothing there to hang it all together. One part does not pertain to the other.

Two pages of this and I would know the writer was a talentless shock jock. And I would feel that it was enough to write a review on.


Write a review?

I think I have written one.