Okay, the bad news first.

We are still having troubles with LSI on Death in Common, but hope to have it released within two weeks.

Good news, is that the ebook editions of my first three lycan books are available from Powell’s and other distributors that do not have proprietary formats.

On the personal side:

I have a doctor’s appointment on the 26th and hope to finally reach the point where I”m not limping along the way I have been for several months.  Right now for the first time in days my legs are not trying to twist themselves off my hips.  The humming sensation has moved up from the bottoms of my feet and I can now feel it in my stomach and chest on bad days.  That’s plain weird.  I don’t know enough about neurology to explain it.  There are some other matters.  Turning 55 has not helped matters.  LOL.    And others that I’m not going to discuss until I have some answers.