I learned a couple of days ago that I can use LSI to publish ebooks without being required to put out a print edition at the same time.  This means that I can therefore use LSI in a more cost efficient way that will give me greater distribution options than going lulu.

And the costs saved by going with LSI for ebooks should allow me to offset the expense of doing a few print volumes through LSI.

I may still use lulu for a few things, but not all of the print volumes.

The one drawback to LSI is that they only publish those ebooks in adobe format.  That’s not a popular format.

My goal is still to get the 20 books out that I will need to have ready when I go to Fictionwise.  Fictionwise issues books in several popular formats at the same time.  This contributes to the fact that they are still the largest place to sell and make a profit on them.