I had always thought that it was a shame that the wolves of the British Isles had been hunted down and exterminated.  Then one day I started looking at it differently, and I asked myself, “What if they were not killed off?  What if they changed into something else?”

One of my favorite books has always been Ovid’s The Metamorphosis.

The gods of Daverana are mostly from our world.  They are sons and daughters of the various pagan deities of our world.  Some of the lesser gods are from our own myths and legends.  For instance, Raven (or a descendant calling himself that) is still finding people in clam shells in Daverana.

So my Gaelic wolfweres were once the wolves of the British Isles, changed into humans by a moon goddess in order to save them.  They spend most of their lives in human form, have a hybrid form, and a full wolf shape.

In hybrid form, they are stronger than most humans and can take a lot more punishment.  However, I had become really tired of reading about werewolves who pick up cars and throw them at people.

My lycans are not super human.

They are a hardy,  passionate and compassionate people who just want to be allowed to live their lives in peace.