It was the Bible that first intrigued me regarding a problem in translations.  The modern versions of the Bible are, largely, translations of translations.  That includes the King James version.  Each translation should be viewed as a filter.  Greek to Latin to English to modern English without going back to the original language.  One of the best known errors in the filtering of translations occurred  thusly:

If you take the Ten Commandments, you have that one that we generally say “thou shalt not kill.”  That’s pretty comprehensive and would demand that we never kill anyone, even in self-defense.  However, if you go back to the original language, it is revealed to be “Thou shalt not commit murder.”  That’s a huge difference.

The prophecies in my novels are usually translations of translations, which means they have lost some essential meanings.  In some cases, they have become very twisted or even lines have been dropped.  The clues to the missing parts or the ways they could have been mistranslated are all through the novels.  I play fair with the reader.

However, it is up to the readers to discover all the clues and piece together what the prophecies might have been saying in their original languages.