I have most of the details of this on-going harassment put up on my page called “the legion.”  However, it always needs to be updated.  Over at Rusty Nail we have the latest.

I am going to take his accusations one at a time.

I never threatened an an infant.  What I said in a comment on Rusty a few years back was “he’s technically a bastard.”  Well, technically Dagstine’s child is, since his parents never married.  I’m a bit old fashioned in my word usages.

If you go to my post on Cussedness called “Suing Critics” you will find that I never gave Dagstine permission to post my address and phone number on the web.  Had I wanted that out, I would have posted it myself.  Posting that was the opening round in a series of threats and attempts at intimidation he made toward me.