The internet has issues.

Anything can be abused and is abused.  Too much freedom can be as  harmful as too much little.  To my mind, there is not much that can be done with the situation as it stands.  However, education can make tomorrow better.

I believe that the more internet savvy our youngsters become, the more they will be safe from the types of problems I have with it.

Case in point.

There’s a writer (I refuse to dignify him as an author).

All of his ‘sales’ have been to the 4theluv publications or the publications that pay substantially lower than the professional zines.

He claims to have sold over 400 stories, but he does not put up a bibliography to confirm his claims.

He claims to have written under numerous pseudonyms.

None of those pseudonyms have stories attributed to them (I have very good google-fu and I can’t find them).

His work is riddled with errors of logic, errors of fact (such as bullets ricocheting off a lung) , and bad dialog.

He tells lies about people with better credits than he has to soil their reputations.

He seems to choose his victims at random and then go on vendettas that last for years (six years is as far as I have been able to establish).

And yet there are people who believe him.

In this day and age, with the advent of the internet, there is no reason not to take the time to google people for the facts.  Somewhere beneath the lies and deceptions, you can dig out the truth.

Why don’t people do this?

His name is Lawrence Dagstine.

He seeks to make his name and career, not on his non-existent talent, but on the bodies and reputations of other authors with better credits than he has.

However, the truth has it’s own Lone Ranger, it’s super hero: The Rusty Nail.

Read it.