All cultures have double standards, some violent and dangerous, others just plain annoying.

All of my cultures have double standards of one sort or another.  Many of them are very “do as I say, not as I do.”  This holds especially true for my lycans.  They are in a period of transition, culturally.  Old ways are dying out and new ways borrowed from the human realms are taking their place.

The rural folk still practice pre-marital monogamy to ensure that they are not marrying a barren woman.  Meanwhile, in the cities, they are starting to place a premium on female virginity.  And yet the upper classes have a saying, “The greatest sign of a thane’s favor is a big belly.”

They worship a triune goddess, but have a patriarchal society.

In law, their women have a great many rights; but in practice very few.

That doesn’t stop strong women from making their way in the various communities.  Aisha Redhand exercises great influence over Red Wolf.  So does Kady Maguire.  Darcy MacIver is a determined warrior who wants to be a general and eventually finds the mentor who can give her that.