If and when I find that Theaker has redeemed himself in my eyes, then I will post about my change of heart.  Until such time, everything stands.  There are too many of us who remember what went on back then, and what has gone down.  And what has gone missing.

I also begin to suspect that there might be a vast chasm of difference in interpretation of certain terms and points of reference between American usage and British usage.

For me, the term “bodice-ripper” remains the terms used in romance circles.  I have always been a bit of a pedant when it comes to literary terms.  Perhaps my age is showing there.  As defined by Gileadslostson it has a very different meaning on the far side of the Big Pond.    As defined by yourdictionary.com it is historical fiction ” having a formulaic plot that features scenes of sexual passion and violent action.”   And a lot of forced seduction, I would like to add.

So maybe I am old hat.