Here we go again.

I did not receive this email, someone else did.  However, I would like to address it.  I’m in that kind of curmudgeonly mood today.

“Do know that i mean no disrespect to you and your cause when I tell you that I must politely decline to heed your warnings of Mr. Pacione. Nickolaus Pacione may have strong views on subjects that seem insensitive to others, but we all do as people.Thus was makes this country great, wouldn’t you agree? No? OK…”

There are laws against hate speech, Mr. Roberts.  Hate speech is not what makes this country great, but if you enjoy hate speech, then I must question your values as a human being.

“Also, you expressed your views of his writing, but my editing staff felt rather differently when we all unanimously chose his story for our first issue at TDFS.”

Your editing staff must have bought into the erroneous belief that if something is incomprehensible to you, then it must be great.  That’s been proven wrong time and again.  Learn from it.

I visited every single link you sent me and do know that you didn’t waste your time posting them for me, but I can’t rely on some silly forums and blogs to tell me who to like this week.

Maybe you were sent to the wrong ones, Mr. Roberts.  Let’s try these:




It’s six years later and nothing has changed.  Nicky is still doing it.  Isn’t hate speech just wonderful when it flows from his mouth?

I’ve been on speaking terms with Nick for quite a while and I like the guy, to be quite honest.

In that case, I must assume that you share his views, which would then make you 1) a homophobe; 2) a hypocrite.

Furthermore, I don’t appreciate the insult of asking “how could I publish Nickolaus Pacione?” You ask this question and in turn insult my merits as a writer/editor/ etc. “His writing if you attempt to read it is of very poor quality for starters?” This implies that my magazine is either illiterate or publishes any story that comes our way.

Well, when you buy illiterate trash, then you must be illiterate.  Therefore your magazine is illiterate to some degree by promoting his abuse of the English Language.  A magazine is only as good as the worst story it publishes.

I’m going to go ahead and dub you just another Poppy Z. Brite groupie who attacks people in the name of their idols. (Notice: I actually like and respect Poppy Z. Brite as an artist)

What has Poppy to do with anything? Other than the fact that she was one of Nicky’s earliest victims.   Since when did I become one of her ‘groupies?”  Hmmn?  First off, I am way too old to be anyone’s groupie.  Yet, I share the opinions of the person who contacted you regarding Nicky.  Writing someone off as a groupie who is old enough to be your grandmother is rather sad.  In fact it is a very, very sorry state of affairs. I had, in fact, never read one of her books until after I had my first skirmish with Nicky over the fact that I’m a bi-sexual gender queer.

I leave you with one final question: If Nick is the homophobic monster that you claim him to be, then why is it that every forum you presented to me is insulting Nick for being gay. Calling him, and I quote: “faggot” as to hurt him in some way. Maybe you all should look in the mirrors and decide if you’re the homophobes?

“Faggot” is one of Nicky’s words, not the rest of us.  You won’t find us handing out gender / sexual orientation slurs.  Nicky hands them out like candy on Halloween.

I know I’m not…

Might I point out that the people who tolerated the hate speech of the KKK and Hitler were mostly good people who claimed not to share his views?  Might I also point out that tolerating hate speech is enabling it?  And that supporting Nicky in this makes you as guilty of hate speech as he is.

Thank you for your time.
Stephen W. Roberts

Yes, thank you for proving to me that you support hate speech, stalking, abuse of women and children, and violent threats toward women and children.  Enjoy your PR.  I am very glad to provide you with it.

The old proverb that there is no such thing as bad PR is erroneous.  Just ask any politician who has been caught with his pants down.  Where are your pants, Mr. Roberts?