I told them that I would not continue to make these posts unless they provoked me.

So what do they do?

Yup, insult me on another blog.

Big sigh.

It is the continuing conversation over at Jenny’s Lair.

Daniel says: Agreed, Jenny and Rustynail, totally agreed.

I just wish the people over at: https://carcinomangel.wordpress.com/2010/06/21/stephen-w-roberts-is-a-nitwit/

…would be as nice as you guys, but you can’t win them all. When people hit a certain age, they tend to forget that they were once young and made mistakes. Maybe they are hitting the Alzheimer’s stage…

They act like they were never new to publishing! To think they were born out of the womb at 50-something. The snark never ends!

Thanks for being kind, most of you on this specific blog. I feel refreshed, as should all of you, that this mess is finally over with. Two days of hell for nothing…

Let it be known, that this was a life lesson for me. I will make sure to keep this memory with me forever.


My generation, now suffering from Alzheimer’s according to your learned opinion, may simply have been better educated than you are.  Or maybe it was the year I spent taking a one-on-one with two published authors while at Briarcliff College.  Maybe it was simply that in the days before the internet, it cost money to publish things.  Offset is expensive.  There was a cost factor included in mimeographs also.  Whichever way you went for a fanzine or a small press zine, it cost money.

Therefore people thought carefully about what they published.

Maybe it was all those long intellectual discussions amongst fans and authors at conventions?

Maybe you’re just stupid.  Now, why did I not think of that before?