So for once I am struggling not to swear.  Cursing simply obscures the message.  It draws the eye.  Steven N. Marshall, the Dark Lord of SNM, came to call both here and on Rusty.  Although he seems to have spent more time here than elsewhere.

So first I have a pair of raging queans raging at me in their limp-wristed fashion.  Now I have a raging wannabe gorian dom trying to make me take a post down.

I tried emailing Mr. Darkity Dark Lord, but the email bounced.

I’m about ready to shove his cookies up his arse with a cast iron dildo.

This entire situation is becoming more convoluted by the moment and I want some answers and I want them right now.

So I will post this with the relevant tags and see if the perps return here.  Meantime I will continue to employ my google fu.