I think the past few days would have amused Papa Schimmelhorn.

So now we have three nitwits to contend with, assuming that at least two of them are not the same person.

Wanting to get to the bottom of this bizaare episode, like I always do when confronted with one, I started researching my visitors.  I did this when we had the incident with Blu Phier, the one with Polymancer, and numerous others over the years.

I went to Facebook and sent Stephen W. Roberts a PM calling him a fraud.

When he appeared on Rusty, Jenny’s Lair, and my blog here, he was at first trying to look innocent.   He tried to maintain at first that Nicky’s story was a good one (we all know Nicky’s stories).  Then he said he had no knowledge of Nicky before he bought the story.  Then he said that he was a friend of Nicky’s.  I don’t need to go into that you can read the email he sent to Letitia.

She posted that email in comments at Rusty Nail

You can see that I delayed several days before giving it my take here.

Then, in a very flippant manner, very over the top and melodramatic, Stephen Roberts and Daniel Fabiani began begging for help.  No one talks the way that they do under those circumstances.

Jenny’s Lair is where a lot of the action took place.  It quickly becomes clear that the Tiresome Trio still think that Janrae Frank and Jenny Wagner are one and the same.  Anyone who has been reading my main blogs for years will easily tell that we are not.

I met Jenny when she posted a comment at Rusty in ’07, which led me to Spinetinglers where I  met CritGit.  Spinetinglers is a nice spot and for a long time Jenny and I were the ‘token’ yanks on the site.

Getting back to Facebook.  The Tiresome Trio all denied knowing who I am.  They accused me of having no creds of substance yada yada.

However, when I arrived at Stephen’s facebook to send that PM, I discovered that his friends list included people who knew me well, knew Pacione very well,  and many of whom knew Jenny.  Therefore, TTT were already familiar with my name, Jenny’s, Pacione’s and Rusty’s.  15-20% of the people on Stephen’s list know us.  We have been mentioned to him at least a few times (probably many), if only in a cursory “Janrae is such a (Fill in the Insult).”  And the same with Pacione.

I got the following replies to my PM from Stephen.

sent you a message.

Stephen W. Roberts
Stephen W. RobertsJune 29, 2010 at 6:38pm
Re: You’re a fraud
I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I’m 22-years-old, first off. I never said I was in college and I don’t want or have anything to do with your blogs or Pacione.

It’s all behind me and I’ll ask you to stop stalking me, for I have not been to your blogs since the day I tried to explain the situation with the magazine.

Never before or since.

Stephen W. Roberts
Stephen W. RobertsJune 29, 2010 at 6:53pm
Re: You’re a fraud
Seriously, why are you doing this to me?

All I did was fall in with some guy on Facebook and you seriously aim to ruin everything I’ve worked so hard for…for that?

There must be a way we can talk, for I can’t even begin to make sense of what is going on here.

When I decided to ignore the second PM, an hour later the third member of the Tiresome Threesome showed up: S. E. Cox.

First she posted at Jenny’s Lair and then she came to my blog.  All of this is in the previously linked to spots.

And it is the same dance all over again.

Now, I suggest that you go look at the “look inside feature” on her novel at Amazon.

Her brag is that she has two myspace, two websites, a blog and a radio show.  I found nothing on her that did not track back to her.  The radio station that interviews her is owned by her.  It looks more and more like a Gloria Tesch situation.

I will continue to update this blog on the situation as more information becomes available through my research.


Correction: Staci and Sam Cox are not the same person.  So we have yet to hear from Staci.  I will apply the tenants of Blackstone’s dictum to Staci until proven otherwise.