So Sam Cox came over to create a rep for herself.  I’ve looked at the book online using the look inside feature at Amazon.  The prose is chewing gum.  Even though it is written in first person I got no sense of the character.  I guess that she has no talent for characterization.

If the only way she can prove to have talent is by belittling authors who have already paid their dues, then she’s a total loss.

A talent for trolling does not equal a talent for writing.

In the course of my investigations, I have heard rumors that her ‘career’ (if you can call it such) is dying.  So she’s desperate to get it going again by harassing people online.  She does this from time to time, always selecting what appears to be a good target.

There is a direct correlation between sales figures and success.  If no one is buying your books, then you are a failure.

Therefore, judging by Cox’s amazon ranking, she’s an utter failure.

I nominate S. E. “Sam” Cox for nitwit status.