Wikipedia sums the entitlement mentality up more from the socio-political aspects, but it is equally applicable to the attitude of internet stalking wannabes in the publishing industry.

The industry that I cut my teeth in was a “culture of merit” and it continues to be only to a degree.  95% of self-published novels are dreck.

Case in point:

The vampire romance category is very popular with young wannabes.  Take the basic tenets of a harlequin romance and toss in some sexy vampires and voila! Darkity dark whipped cream on a chocolate sundae for undiscriminating juvenile appetites.  So you have the professional ‘culture of merit’ on the one hand and the wannabe s/p ‘culture of entitlement’ on the other.

It’s an unsatisfactory war that becomes more tiresome with time.

The only characterization that I can find in her portrayal of her main character is that she’s a young female desperate to get pregnant.  I seriously question the author claimed profundity of a protagonist whose only goal in life is to become a broodmare for a hot stud.  Well, maybe not ‘desperate’ — more like she’s a white picket fence vampire.

So she has two species of vampire. One the traditional undead and another variety that is a living vampire.  Nothing original there.

My sa’necari are necromancers who stole the powers of the vampires and ended up with their appetites as a side effect.  So, in a sense, they are living vampires and reproduce sexually.

The vampires in Underworld reproduce sexually.  One of them produced a child with a lycan.

Poppy Z. Brite’s vampires can reproduce sexually.  They are alive, not undead.

Meyers vampires can reproduce that way.

The examples are endless.

I have frequently stated that originality is in the interpretation.  It is possible to take a worn out idea and make it fresh again with a new approach.  It is also possible to come up with the most original concept since the creation of that chocolate sundae and still not write a book or story worth reading.

It takes both to make it work.

The entitlement mentality is a characteristic of nitwits and is frequently applied to their writing.  When the measuring stick of a ‘culture of merit’ is tossed out the proverbial window and replaced with an attitude of entitlement, what you get is “I writted somethin, there4 I is a genius, there4 I arterby famous and wealthy, worship me’ naked dancing on the web.

The discriminating reader soon finds that the sundae is filled with artificial ingredients and the chocolate is plastic.

Maybe a goat would like it, but goats will eat anything.

Despite this, they all want a seat at the highest table belonging to the members of the literary culture of merit.  And they are prepared to abuse all of our members just to get there.

Sorry, Charlotte and Charlie, but your tuna don’t work.  The table is filled, go eat with the bums around the corner.