There are several facets to the “Whistling in the Darkzone” anthology.

In a sense, it is definitely as “Make Nicky Scream” anthology and that is where a lot of the fun is.

All genres are welcome.

We are running the gamut here.

We have the following things happening:

Nicky satire

Rewrites of Nicky tales

Serious fiction

I am not contributing a story, but instead using the anthology as a lectern from which to discuss the nature of the following: copyright, trademark, parody, and satire.  I am attacking the misconceptions about these by writing introductions to the types of fiction in it and a general introduction for the opening.

We have a potentially very good PR gimmick here in Nicky, but we also have an opportunity to present a very fine teaching tool for the unwashed masses out there.  And we get to tank and spank Nicky at the same time.

And do not forget to get your ads in.  Free ads for everyone who wants them in the anthology, which is going to look more like a magazine than the usual book.