Jane Baxter is one of the most talented authors that Daverana will be bringing out in the months to come.  She has worked hard with her editors, Steven Beeho and C. A. Keller, to refine her craft and gifts.  It is rare to encounter someone with so much raw talent as Jane has.

It’s been a long time proverb that Nicky leads to making good friends and discovering new authors — not from his anthos, but from his enemies and victims.  Here is Jane’s account of her initial contact with Nicky.  It was deleted from Author’s Pub and she was banned for posting it there.

And, now, on to Jane.


When I was first approached by Nickolaus Pacione in regards to being involved in his anthology, the first Tabloid Purposes, I had never heard of him. Honestly, I can’t even remember how we became acquainted on the ‘net – one day I was blissfully unaware of his existence, and the next, there he was.
I pulled a story from my files and sent it to him. A few weeks later, I started hearing all of these disturbing things about him, and many different people contacted me directly. I then emailed Pacione and told him the story I sent him had been printed before and was still being held for first rights. He told me he would not use the work, and he didn’t.
Not for that Tabloid Purposes, anyway.
We occasionally emailed each other. I tried to be somewhat supportive, though distant, as the level of creepiness radiating from this person nearly shattered my monitor. Given the state of mind and physical health I was in at the time, I needed no extra drama within 500 miles of me. Time passed, rumors grew, controversies erupted, lines were drawn and blah, blah, blah.
Eventually, I discovered that my story which was “pulled” from Tabloid Purposes had made it’s way into Tabloid Purposes II. I contacted Pacione. He offered a “grandfathered contract” and $5. I said no, and asked him to pull the story. A few days later, I got a “contract” scribbled on notebook paper and a money order for $4.49 (payment minus postage and m/o price.) I sent both back, unsigned, and TOLD him to take my story out. In reply, I received a paypal request for $800 or “I won’t remove your stories, bitch.”

Stories? StorIES?

Sure enough, a second story of mine, printed just three months before Tabloid Purposes IV in another publication, was shoved into Pacione’s anthology. Having made it clear that he was not going to remove my stories, I went to and reported the copyright violations.

So, because Pacione -for whatever reason- neglected to keep a backup of Tabloid Purposes II, he loves to say that I am “desacrating the memory” of some poor woman who I never knew. He changes the reason why I did this more often than he changes his underwear: I didn’t like what I was paid (which was nothing); I haven’t amounted to anything (even though I have four book contracts and have been in three art shows since 2008); my personality has gotten too big (I have no idea what that can be translated into); I’m “on the rag” (which is pretty hilarious, actually, since I have endometriosis and don’t get periods); I’m a “blackhearted strumpet” (my husband only wishes!) and on and on…

In reality, he needs to keep bringing this up so that he can keep shilling that book, so he can try to make money off the self created drama and controversy of “insulting the dead.”
Nick, if you really don’t want to make money off of her – why don’t you stop selling the book? Why don’t you retire it? OR why don’t you hand over all rights to her family, let them create a lulu account for it, and keep the profits for themselves?
Oh, yeah. Because you want the money, you want the attention, and you live to lie.

Whether you are a public figure or not makes no difference to me. I still have all those emails you sent me on file – the only defense to accusations of libel is THE TRUTH. And I have all of it documented.

— Jane Baxter