Sam has graciously allowed me to re-post her statement of outrage over what is happening at Author’s Pub since Nicky was given admin status:


I am writing this message to you all now to let you know about the disgusting activity that has been going on on this site. Now I do not omit myself from the argument as I have said many a harsh word to the individual involved but that is only because of the way I have been unfairy treated in the past 24 hours.

Because the owner here, James Watt, once contributed a story to NP for one of his anthologies, it would appear that they are now brothers in arms and while James had lost his password to this site, he somehow was able to make NP an admin here.


Since NP has become admin he has gone on a serious power trip including doing thisgs like banning people who he thinks are his enemies, reset pictures because he either doesn’t like them or doesn’t understand them – he reset my picture for breaching PG-13 rules FFS! and also deleting any comments made about him and giving out stupid warnings via comments or PM’s.

To show the level of his professionlism he titled a message to one of the members HEY MOTHERFUCKER!

I am sure that you would be intrested in how the admin run this site so in te next message I have pasted just some o the the thread comments and PM’s I have received. And as of now, I am not allowed to post in the forum and if I do they will be locked. NP is also able to alter the titles of my discussions so that they do not offend him.

PMs made by the admin here below:

Your profile photo was reset to default by Nickolaus Pacione

because you insulted an admin — I am resetting your picture. PG-13 rated at most. Come on we have younger visitors here.

I learned how much you paid him, $5. That’s stamp money in the states or a gallon of milk. What you cheated A.R. out of was a possible $50.00 sale. Good going, you keep your loyalty but you pay them barely enough for stamps or milk. I actually sponsor memberships and things like that because that is part of my character. You know nothing about the manuscript trade and that was how we do things. Lake Fossil Press is born out of manuscript trading.

“don’t threaten the roster. That is the final warning. Either promote your work and stop with flaming the admin in the catroom or your gone. I will personally sign your walking papers. Don’t undermind the admins especially when your threads get locked — I didn’t take your journal entries down. That is the only advice I am giving you. I’ve handled your kind for years, and usually when I do it’s an instant ban. I am going on James wishes by giving you a warning.”

Any thread you put up will be locked. Any journal entry duragory to Lake Fossil Press will be deleted. You should have thought twice about calling me a “fucking joke” because the joke is on you. This is something I adopted from a site I was part of call Diary-X — if I sucked I would not have been able to successfully invade Clive Barker’s site in 2000. If you wonder what author did that one, that was one of my infamous stunts.

I am also infamous for starting a gross out contest on a message board. Each author were trying to come up with gross things to sign a book with — the one who penned The Baby Jesus Butt Plug came up with anal butter, I asked him what that was — I wish I didn’t because I thought that was gross. You’re messing with someone who can out gross you. Your picture has fake blood — I used real blood for signing my book, my blood.

I famously pissed on Darren McKeeman’s photograph and uploaded the aftermath. I have a history of doing disgusting things and they’re not publicity stunts. You’re not messing with a joke, but someone who lives, eats, and sleeps the macabre.

Angry won’t be joining us anymore. Unless you want to join him you better start behaving — as in calling me NIck or NIckolaus on the forum. Start talking to me with a little more respect.

Comments on threads

For your information for the next two weeks I will be locking all your threads, that’s the consequence of insulting an admin. Treat the admins with respect, I mean all of them. I’ve seen what you called me so as cause and effect, I am resetting your picture because it’s not PG-13 rated. When those two weeks are up, you will have access to the forums once again.

this thread is considered locked. Sam you are not allowed to post on the forum for two weeks. Your book promoting entries on your blog will be deleted too, two weeks you’re no posted.

I really urge you to also voice your opinions on this matte. If nothing is done about this, I shall be sharing this on every blog message board and forum I know to show just how poorly ths place is ran by having someone like NP at the helm.

Last of, I am also sharing this with both James and Nicky and will be posting it in a blog and as a disucussion topic just so everyone sees it. You should really decide whether you want this place to be a success or a ghost town like it was until many of us came to play here. If Nicky is not removed rom admin or at least taken the abilities to alter our work then we will all leave. And I am sure that I really am speaking for a large percentag of the active membrs on this site

Editor, House of Horror