My dear friend John  is a full blown schizophrenic.  I have known him for many many years.

The episode with Dagstine reminded me of an incident a year or so ago when John went off his meds.  When John goes off his meds he usually does or says something that embarasses me.

Five years ago he decided that I was the Virgin Mary and  searched my apartment for the Holy Grail.  A year or so ago, he decided that I had died in 88 and been replaced by a clone.  He became terrified of encountering me in the building.  Then he decided he needed to warn the world about the fact that I had died and been replaced by a clone.

So he left posts, long and short, about the fact that people ought to avoid me or they might end up dead and cloned also.  I managed to get them taken down.  However, google has cached one of them.   Sigh.

I assure you all that I am not a clone.