More and more I have decided that I have nothing to lose by taking out my aggravation in a blog post.

Theaker states that I threatened to ‘smack’ him and wanted to go to bait him by joining.  The only person I wanted to bait over there was Dagstine.  As I have stated many times, I feel that just by being a place and being nice will draw a true troll out to strike.  It’s the type of tactics that Sun T’zu mentions several times in his book on warfare.  You give the enemy a target and allow them to strike where you want them to.

What is wrong with being nice? Does anyone not understand the mean people do not like to see people being nice in the area they claim as their own?

As to the smack?  Well that makes him a weenie.  Only a true weenie boy would consider that statement a physical threat.

Oh dear oh dear that wheelchair bound crippled woman is sooooo scawwy to poor widdle Theaker.  “Oooh, oooh, she’s a gonna smack me.”

Are you, in your prime of life and a male, really that frightened of a woman crippled by post polio syndrome?  Are you really that much of a bloody coward?