As I slowly calm down, I start to think about all of the aspects of what is going on and the ultimate outcome of it all.

One thing came to mind: they are debating me as a rogue author.

Definitely a rogue.  I won’t argue with that.

However, these days I am more a publisher than an author.

Many of those members of the BFS  are writers.

Writers are always looking for markets.

By keeping me out, they are preventing their own people from having more access to Daverana Enterprises.

We are an old-fashioned small press.  We take between six months and a year to bring a book out after the contracts are signed.

The reason for that is because we development edit.  We don’t just check for grammar and typos.

We have several authors who will be coming out later this year and early next who landed on our doorstep with oodles of talent and little or no craft.  We taught them craft.  We guided them through the re-writes in order to make their personal visions shine.