“The Darkness hunts us and the Light does not want us.  Better to step willingly into the fires than to live undead.  Better to die with honor than to take a life in the rites.  Let each mon go to his own path, but these are ours.  And these will always be ours, for this is what we were born to.  This is the path the gods have given us, for we are the Dark Brothers of the Light.  We are the walking dead who live, for our lives were forfeit with our birth.  Forfeit twice over for our choice to live as myn, not monsters, though we are forced to dwell among the monsters.  Set yourself apart in your words, in your deeds, in your silence – always in your silence, for silence is your castle.  Be as still as the deer in the forest, and if you are fortunate the predators will not notice you.  For when they notice you, they will eat you.”

Creed of the Dark Brothers