Iron Dave has made the following post to Shocklines.

I am going to address it here where Matty can’t delete or lock it.

First of all, let me start off by saying ” Why don’t all of you go get a life”?
I mean, it is pretty sad when a whole community of writers – and a few losers tossed in for good measure, too – have nothing better to do with their time than to slander me all over the internet. Have I made mistakes? Yes. Have I done wrong? Yes.

All of those “losers” you are referring to have written their own fiction, not stolen it.  We earned our credits honestly, not by theft.  You are a thief and a liar.

But, the fact still remains that I have not only owned up to it, and even offered to send an apology to the man in question, I HAVE sent him one – THREE total, as a matter of fact, which he disregarded. if he is a professional, and a man of his word, why did he renig on his offer to settle it in a private and peaceful manner?
Doesn’t sound any more professional than  the plagiarists he seems so hellbent on exposing.

So you were willing to apologize if you thought that would allow you to keep the money you have earned by selling stolen goods?  People, Rick Moore and I, have every right to expect, not just apologies, but recompense.  You are a thief.

Secondly, he brought in all of these other writers into a private dispute, when they had nothing to do with our case to begin with. Not smart. All of the blog posts and emails and postal mail and telephone calls did nothing but add fuel to an already raging fire, to which I intend to put out by legal means. This person who started all of this mess is not the only one who knows something about the law.

All of those writers and people who were drawn into this dispute were also victimized by you.  Victims have a right to support each other.  Especially when they have been victimized by the same individual.  You are a thief and you have stolen from all of us.  So you are going to sue us for defending ourselves?  Isn’t that like a serial rapist (and you have raped our reputations and our intellectual properties) blaming the victim?

Your complaint (forgive my extended metaphor, as I know such things confuse you) sounds rather like this:


Slander, harrassment, defamation of character, on line stalking – all of the above , and more – are also punishable by law. I have rights, too. If you think you can hide behind vulgar, childish blog posts and your friends in the horror fiction community forever, think again.
And as for any of you on this forum who have posted their opinions – about a case that doesn’t involve you, go ahead, keep it up. Just more ammunition for me to fire right back at you someday. And I will be happy to oblige.

Speaking the truth and raising your voice in outrage against a vile thief like yourself is not “slander, harassment, defamation of character” etc.


Oh, and the man you are taking up for? What a waste of time for you. He recently had his attorney send me a ”cease and desist” letter, to which I replied to PROMPTLY, with yet another offer to settle this in a peaceful fashion, and as usual, to NO AVAIL. His attorney wouldn’t even send a reply email, let alone Mr. Moore. The actions of a professional? I think not. If his attorney is actually there to represent him, why not answer my inquiries?
I will tell you WHY.

Your offer, Mr. Boyer was that you walk away scott-free.  A few crocodile tears and you’re off to commit more crimes?  We have a civic duty to all the more vulnerable writers out there to make your misdeeds a matter of public record.  We will not allow you to take us on singly and in secret any longer.

A good friend of mine who has a degree in psychology read some of the emails I have been getting, and had this to say about the indivduals involved:

” A monster personality; bordering on sociopathic tendencies.” Of course, that’s not counting the less than desireable – or professional – character traits of being overbearing, arrogant, and egotistical. Some friendly advice? Instead of seeking an attorney, I’d seek a therapist and some strong prescription meds.

Ah yes, you must sedate the victim in order to protect the predator.  You must project your own crimes upon your victim.  I postulate that there is no friend.  I suggest this is mere confabulation.

After all, everyone who has ever tried to protect themselves or their property from thieves like yourself must be sociopathic.  Absolutely right, only a sociopath would object to being raped by someone like yourself.

In closing, if any of Mr. Moore’s ”recruits” here on these forums has anything to say to me, go right head, an email me anytime, here . I’d be more than happy to see what you have to say, as well as add your names to my ever-growing list of material I intend to send to the Indiana State Attorney General this week.
Bring it on.

We intend to “bring it on,”  Boyer.  You will be required to make restitution to each and every single one of us for your thefts.

You know, it is really sad world when so called ”forums” and ”social networking” sites are reduced to nothing but hunting grounds for losers and borderline sociopaths. I’d keep that in mind next time you have something stupid to say.

Oh, dear.  Oh, dear.  YOU ARE A THIEF.  And according to you, everyone so enjoys having their intellectual property raped by someone like you.  Yes, just keep on blaming your victims for choosing to defend themselves.

Enough said.
For now.