About a month ago, I picked up the domain name, Unboundgames.com.  I did this for Sovay and put her gaming site under the Daverana umbrella.  In the course of getting ready to go live with her site, she decided to go to Scriptlance, a site she remembered as being sharp years ago, to find a coder.  Like all sites and shops on the internet, things change — often for the worst.

Scriptlance proved to have turned worse.  For one thing, there were few, if any, American programmers left doing business there.  It had become primarily Indian and Eastern European.  The top rated programmer there is called “Alos” and he is Ukrainian.  Sovay allowed for the possibility of a language gap, and tried to be patient.  Scriptlance insists that you put money in escrow up front to pay for a project so that the programmers don’t get cheated.  However, payment does not get made unless the buyer agrees.  So it is easy to end up with a stalemate, as we do now.

For you edification, here is a screenshot of the original PMB for the project.

We opened a case/ticket to cancel the project when we saw how bad things were going.  For one thing, Alos could not seem to understand (or was unwilling to)  many basic concepts.  We filed the complaint found below the cut over and over.  They put up a private message exchange were the buyer and the seller can discuss or argue the situation, but then the admins automatically close the case after 48 hours whether it has been resolved or not.  Either side can also ask for the case to be shut down by the admins (they do not have mods) prior to that 48 hour cut off.  So round and round we have gone with this.