My name was listed by The Write Agenda and all of the blogs and websites they hold under various aliases.  My crime was to post comments on Writer Beware.  Victoria Strauss also linked back to my posts about David Boyer the plagiarist  and the series I did on Blu Phier.  I am not a commentator, guest or otherwise, on Writer Beware.  I am a cranky old bitch who never hesitates to call them as I see them. Especially when it comes to scammers.

The  bottomline for including me seems to have be part of TWA’s attempts to intimidate the supporters of Writer Beware.

Victoria Strauss has been good to me.

As usual, my first impulse on being given a heads up by a friend and editor was to lose my temper (Dang thing does not know when to stay down.) and insult them in a message to them. I got back the following in email:

Thanks for contacting us!

The Write Agenda

IP CAPTURE [*********************] ON
GEO LOC [**********-******-*****] ON
DATA RET [thewriteagenda@***********] ON


Name *

Janrae Frank

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author / Publisher

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You are so full of shit that it is coming out your ears.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011