The Write Agenda claims to have used the Freedom of Information Act to discover that NOTHING existed in regards to lawsuits filed against American Book Publishing. First, the Freedom of Information Act is used to force the release of information. One of the most recent cases is where a group forced the release of Sarah Palin’s emails during her time as governor of Alaska.  While 47 states have statutes providing freedom of information, these are not the Freedom of Information Act per se.

Using the Freedom of Information Act requires paying fees and filing papers. It is actually a long process, even at the state level.  No one does it for free because it costs the legal bodies time and money to comply with it. They have a lot more on their minds (and pocketbooks) than replying to someone’s butthurt reports. For this reason only individuals with deep pockets or organizations proceed with Freedom of Information Act filings.

The Freedom of Information Act is never used in the manner that The Write Agenda claims to have used it. And if they have used it, I would be forced to wonder where they got the money to pursue it.

Getting back to my original direction, in order to use the Freedom of Information Act, information must already exist on the subject.  If, as they claim, no lawsuits were ever filed against American Book Publishers, then they could not have used it.

The federal Freedom of Information Act has served as a template for legislation passed by the various states. The names of the state legislation varies.

Therefore I challenge The Write Agenda to give their “investigation” its proper name for the state in which they claimed to have used the Freedom of Information Act and to tell us how much it cost them to file the requests in each and every one of those law enforcement bodies listed on that kitchen sink list of theirs.