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Antho update and Twilight Sucks

Because of some computer issues that delayed the release of our fall titles, I’m extending the deadline for the antho until the 15 of September.

I went to Twilight Sucks and the board index appears to have changed.

Stephen Theaker: Collateral Damage

As I slowly calm down, I start to think about all of the aspects of what is going on and the ultimate outcome of it all.

One thing came to mind: they are debating me as a rogue author.

Definitely a rogue.  I won’t argue with that.

However, these days I am more a publisher than an author.

Many of those members of the BFS  are writers.

Writers are always looking for markets.

By keeping me out, they are preventing their own people from having more access to Daverana Enterprises.

We are an old-fashioned small press.  We take between six months and a year to bring a book out after the contracts are signed.

The reason for that is because we development edit.  We don’t just check for grammar and typos.

We have several authors who will be coming out later this year and early next who landed on our doorstep with oodles of talent and little or no craft.  We taught them craft.  We guided them through the re-writes in order to make their personal visions shine.

Anthology update

It is time to start getting those ads to me.  We are open to subs for it until the 15th.

Theaker is a Nitwit and a Weenie: Part 3

More and more I have decided that I have nothing to lose by taking out my aggravation in a blog post.

Theaker states that I threatened to ‘smack’ him and wanted to go to bait him by joining.  The only person I wanted to bait over there was Dagstine.  As I have stated many times, I feel that just by being a place and being nice will draw a true troll out to strike.  It’s the type of tactics that Sun T’zu mentions several times in his book on warfare.  You give the enemy a target and allow them to strike where you want them to.

What is wrong with being nice? Does anyone not understand the mean people do not like to see people being nice in the area they claim as their own?

As to the smack?  Well that makes him a weenie.  Only a true weenie boy would consider that statement a physical threat.

Oh dear oh dear that wheelchair bound crippled woman is sooooo scawwy to poor widdle Theaker.  “Oooh, oooh, she’s a gonna smack me.”

Are you, in your prime of life and a male, really that frightened of a woman crippled by post polio syndrome?  Are you really that much of a bloody coward?

Another Anthology Update

Recent acceptances include:

Ghost of War by Gustavo Bondoni

Wasteland by  Megan Elizabeth Hightower

And two by S. E. Cox.

I will start the formal editing on accepted works on the 15th

If any of you need an extension, let me know before then, please.

Cover will be by Tabitha Brown, who once drew Nicky as a bicycle ridden by the demon, Bluey, from the strip she drew called Dung Eon.

Dead and Cloned

My dear friend John  is a full blown schizophrenic.  I have known him for many many years.

The episode with Dagstine reminded me of an incident a year or so ago when John went off his meds.  When John goes off his meds he usually does or says something that embarasses me.

Five years ago he decided that I was the Virgin Mary and  searched my apartment for the Holy Grail.  A year or so ago, he decided that I had died in 88 and been replaced by a clone.  He became terrified of encountering me in the building.  Then he decided he needed to warn the world about the fact that I had died and been replaced by a clone.

So he left posts, long and short, about the fact that people ought to avoid me or they might end up dead and cloned also.  I managed to get them taken down.  However, google has cached one of them.   Sigh.

I assure you all that I am not a clone.


All are welcome.  Our editors and authors drop by off and on throughout the day and night.  We are having a lot of discussions about the anthology Whistling in the Darkzone.  And other nitwit relevant topics as well as industry stuff