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Lycan Blood in Kindle

Serpent’s Quest, volume 1 of my Lycan Blood series, is finally out in kindle editions.

It’s a bargain at $1 for novel that comes in around 125k words.  That’s a whole lot of reading for a buck.

Book two in the series, Fireborn Law, is also out in the kindle edition.

And the makes things better, the third and fourth books in the series will be up by Monday.

Amazon now has a free software download that will allow you to read kindle books on your computer.

Projection: A thought about Mike Philbin.

All the time that Philbin is going on and on about the New World Order going to destroy the US, I have been coming across articles like this one.

It may require registration to view.  I really don’t know for certain.


The Sounds of Silence: A Reflection on Nitwittery

My life turned a corner recently and I hope that it is going to continue this way.

The change is the peacefulness of the past few weeks.  There were the usual stuff, but not much really.

The nitwits were silent and have been mostly for weeks.

Philbin did not even take a slap at me when I smacked him for another crazy theory about what is happening in our country.  Nothing happened at all.

All of them are silent when it comes to me and that is a wonderful relief.

I entered my first chatroom in March of 2003.  There I encountered a troll named Christina.  A wannabe writer and drama queen who was responsible for my removing my hosting from  I have kept my chatroom at, but only use it for business meetings these days and we are preparing to move to a new one.

My encounter with Christina overlapped my first encounter with Pacione in September of 03.  My troubles with Pacione overlapped my first encounter with Mike Philbin in 04 and both of those overlapped my conflict with Dagstine.

It got so bad that during the summer of 07 I felt ready to abandon the internet and began to make my blogs friends only.  I was exhausted from it.

Now here we are at the edge of September and it appears to have finally ended.  The conflict and harassment that is.

At first it left me feeling off balance and uncertain.  I kept waiting for it to start up again and then it did not.

I have now come to the conclusion that it is all over and I can feel safe again.

Life is starting to move forward.

Remember the old childhood chant: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Well, it was wrong.

The pain and sting of words outlasts physical pain.  We eventually forget what it felt like to have broken bones.  But the other stuff?  No, we suffer for the length and breadth of our lives over words.

We gain perspective.  We eventually shrug at the source.  But we still feel the pain.

For some of us our skin grows thicker and we can take more pain from these sources, but the potential for encountering someone whose attacks are sharp enough to pierce that is always with us.  And in this time of the internet, the likelihood of running into someone with a set of words that sharp is increased.

Will I ever run into another nitwit?  Most likely I will.  There are too many of them out there.

How will I handle it when I do?  I’ve never backed down from a fight in my life.  So I guess I’ll give them hell.

But for now, the silence is golden.

Nitwit Cooking #1

In honor of Julia Child and the new movie about her, I am presenting you with the first in my Nitwit Cooking series.  I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.  I have enough to cover several days of post, but am always looking for more contributions for them.

Courtesy of Phil Smith:

Hamburgers a la Nickolaus.

1) Beg grandmother for $20
2) Beg cousin for a lift to McDonald’s
3) Buy two Happy Meals and eat them both.
4) Beg cousin for a lift back


1) Go to any burger outlet.
2) Find a female attendant at the counter. Place order, substituting the words ‘jizz’, ‘cum’, ‘semen’ and any other synonym for ejaculate where possible. When she shows signs of discomfort, complain to the manager.

Big Dagstines.

1) Get a job in McDonald’s.
2) Take Big Mac bun, shit in it twice — one for each layer. Wipe your arse on a leaf of lettuce and put that in too.
3) When the customer complains to the manager, lecture them both about how the food industry is dead and how you’re saving it.
4) Then for the next few days, follow the customer around. Post notes through her letter box saying “You bitch, you deserve to be raped and killed. ;)”

[Got to have the winky emoticon in it too. “But it was a joke! Can’t you see it was a joke?”]

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It Doesn't Take 10 Pages

It doesn’t take ten pages to decide that you don’t like a book.  And if you are offended or disgusted by the contents you were exposed to, it makes sense to put a review up at amazon about your reaction to it.

Here is a sample of Phailbin’s latest novel, Chimeratown.    And I can decide that I dislike it.

First off I never liked second person.

Second, the character is not sympathetic and I can get no feeling for him.

The sample reads like a rant on a blog, not a novel.

“Don’t stay near me, it whispers and hisses. The sea is a real black, angry, ugly place to be – a correct and proper statement of intent for a serial killer of a nutjob like me”

First off, no one in real life would talk or think this way of themselves.  We are all heroes in our own life stories.  I think he should have done his research and found out about the thought processes of serial killers.

You will not hear the locals use that name though, certainly not until I make them say it with teeth broken and vision affected by a broken eye socket, blood tearing down their foreheads. I will then see them smile when they say my real name. Geoffrey. A fighting name. A tagging name. A territorial name. A moniker of fact and misfortune

What’s wrong with the name Geoffrey? If someone had named him Sue or Throckmorton, maybe he would have difficulty. But Geoffrey is a fine old name.

Waiting for her transformative prowess to spill its grease all over my burning cock, what else is worth waiting for?

And once more he can’t resist putting the sex in the book in pornographic terms.

The clouds, those ancient forbearers of malevolence shallows shades of emasculated grey, pale in comparison to the creative fury of such a mass of death and anger

Emasculated? Shallows? This exceedingly purple metaphor simply does not work at all. There is nothing there to hang it all together. One part does not pertain to the other.

Two pages of this and I would know the writer was a talentless shock jock. And I would feel that it was enough to write a review on.


Write a review?

I think I have written one.

Mercedes Lackey hates Mike Philbin

There is a review by Misty on amazon.  Philbin posted a link and a loud complaint about her on Shocklines (She’s a bestselling author, so of course she knows nothing she is talking about.)

I have decided that the ejaculating clock and the cum soaked subway and the people in latex suits because it is dripping all over them.  I have decided quite simply that Philbin is a male supremecist.  His attitude is interesting.  He seems to be saying:

I can ejaculate!  I can rub my cock and produce a disgusting substance to spill in your face and shove down your throat.  Suck me!  Suck the corporate dick in all the places of the world and swallow.

And, since women can’t produce that substance and coat the walls of the subway with it, they are by implication, inferior.


Thank you, Mike for being such an entertaining middle class prick.  Why don’t you take a hike and ejaculate in woods like the animal you are.

Kynyr's War

Like all of the books in the Lycan Blood series, Kynyr’s War (book four) was a victim of the original publisher, Renebooks.  I dropped entire threads that contributed to the conclusions of the last and second to last books in the series, because if they went beyond a certain length the publisher, Jean Marie Stine, would chop them up into components like she did the first three books in my Dark Brothers of the Light series.

I just finished revising and restoring over 40,000 words to Kynyr’s War.  The Doherty family is now back in the books as they were originally meant to be instead of appearing (almost) out of the blue in the final two novels.

I have pitched it back to the editor and now wait on his reactions to it.  There were a few places where I did not make the changes he asked for, and instead requested that he clarify what he wanted a bit more.  The final version will come when I have that clarification in hand and can work on it.

And of course, he has to approve all of the added material.