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I have no skeletons in my closet: they're all hanging from the yardarm

The day started with a post from Nicky to my Daverana Page. He revealed that one of my employees was secretly accessing files on the main company computer and then sending them to him.  So I checked the logs (I’m the only one who can access those) and the most recent person to have a look at my Nicky files was Bob. He had also tried to pry into sections and documents that I had passworded.  I may never know whys of it all, but I am appalled by what I do know.

I had a big fight with Bob and then he threw a link in my face and called me a ‘bitch.”

The link was to a new page that Write Agenda has up on me. I tried several times to make my screenshots larger enough to be easily read.  So, in case you cannot read<a href=”"Photobucket"” target=”_blank”> this one, I’ll post what it says beneath my name in tiny type:

Protected: T.W.A.N.G.: Janrae Frank Dossier Project

In Accountability, Alcohol Abuse, Alternative Lifestyles, Cocaine, Drug Abuse, Emotional Instability, Gay Lifestyles, Hollywood, Illegal Drugs, Incitement, Interviews, Intimidation, Investigations, investigative journalist, Janrae Frank, Journalism, Journalist, lawsuits, Legal Issues, Lesbian, Lesions, Polio, Poliomyelitis, Propaganda, Rehabiltation, Sex Change, Spinal Column, The Washington Post, Therapy Sessions on November 9, 2011 at 10:10 pm

They got all of this off my blogs and put some spin on it to make it look like I”m mentally ill. It seems that having been trapped in an abusive marriage for 15 years and developing PTSD as a result of that abuse makes me all kinds of crazy. What does this say about their opinion of other abused women who found the strength to escape dangerously abusive marriages like I did? What does this say about what they believe about women who have survived male violence (as I have) and come out of it battered, but sane?

If people who have had PTSD and dared to talk about it are disparaged as “emotionally unstable”, how does this reflect our returning soldiers? Are they saying the ALL of our returning soldiers are to be treated badly and subjected to their derision?

I may have abused alcohol at times before I got meds for depression, but I was never an alcoholic. I was laughed out of my attempts to join AA. You see, all of the true alcoholics could recognize me as a normie with just a single question. “If you had some money and no groceries to feed your child, what would you spend it on? Your child or booze?”

Sovay never went hungry once I escaped from her father.

I have talked openly about my experiences with meth and cocaine and how I went cold turkey off it in 1988, because I wanted to show others that it was possible to stay clean. I have been clean since August of 1988. But they want me punished for ever having done it.  They want to turn my victories — and by extension all those like myself who overcame their addictions — into defeats.  Guess what, Write Agenda? It ain’t going to happen.

My ex is a transsexual and out of the closet. But by putting that one word there, it suggested that my c-section scars don’t really exist.  If any of the voyeurs reading this want pictures, feel free to ask.

No, I’m not a Lesbian. I’m bi-sexual. There IS a difference. I’m the B in GLBTQ, not the L.  So apparently they are homophobic also. Like the good people who are going around burning queer folks alive and dumping their remains on street corners.

And let’s take a look at how they mention my polio as if that made me mentally ill and of questionable worth.  Are they trying to insinuate that by having had polio at age eight I ought to be condemned?

The only one this reflects badly on is them. Not me.

Free Reading

Every Tuesday I will be posting a new addition to my free online novel, Sins of Innocence.  This is the first book in my key series, which brings together all the threads left dangling in the other series, (Dark Brothers of the Light, Lycan Blood, Lycan Pride, and Journey of the Sacred King).  Everything will link up and become perfectly clear.

If you like what you see, please consider buying my inexpensive kindle editions or, if you require a different format, going to smashwords.  You can find the links on the books page of this blog.

To Be Fair

What Jordan Scott wrote was not bad for a fifteen year old.  However, it isn’t a good book by professional standards.

The second paragraph has an antsy horse rearing and tearing the reins out of its rider’s hands.  That doesn’t happen easily.  The medieval reins were a single piece.  Had the reins pulled from the rider’s hands, they would have fallen across the horse’s neck and stayed there.  Modern reins are two pieces.  A proper hold on the reins would not easily allow them to be ripped from the rider’s hands.  The dynamic of a horse taking control of the reins from the rider generally involves the ability of the horse to get the bit between his teeth instead of behind them where the bit normally sets.

A adult with any familiarity with horses, or one who had thought to do his research, would have have been aware of this.

What actually annoys me most is the fact that people with no concept of literature and literary law assume that no one else can use the same concepts or ideas they used once they have received a copyright.

Meyer writes dark urban fantasy.  Scott wrote dark medieval fantasy.  I write dark medieval fantasy

Meyer writes about vampires and werewolves.  Scott wrote about vampires and werewolves.  I write about vampires, wolfweres, and a host of other critters.

Meyer writes about forbidden love between a vampire and a human.  So did Scott.  So have I, although I think Isranon and Anksha more outre.

This is all standard fare.

There is an evil unborn child.  Rosemary’s Baby, anyone?

And I like to think of Isranon and Anksha’s baby as a cuddly, cute little blood drinking incubus.   And should any  pedophile’s follow him home, I’m sure the cute little tyke will remember to drop the bodies off at the re-cycling bin.

There’s a wedding arch in Meyer’s, Scott’s, and my books.   Isn’t there usually when it’s a traditional garden wedding?

And there’s sex on the beach after the wedding in both of them.  Aren’t you supposed to get laid on your wedding night?

Well, the real issue here is that most people who write books do not begin to understand what is and is not covered by copyright.  There are many good sites on the internet that could enlighten them and save them the cost of a losing lawsuit.

Some people think that this an attempt to get famous or get attention for their books, or whatever.  The trouble with this one is that they are not taking into consideration just how expensive it is to file a civil suit, especially if it actually makes its way to court.  It’s in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for something like this.  That’s a bit pricey.

So either Jordan Scott has the money to do it (a friend with deep pockets maybe?) or the attorney is an airhead and doing it pro bono thinking he’s going to get rich.  Or they think that by holding the film hostage will get them an out of court settlement.

We have seen this before.

Greed + Ignorance = ooops, Ms. Scott, you’re about to learn a very expensive lesson.

Stephenie Meyer sued by teenage idjit

Well, Jordan Scott isn’t a teenager now, but she was when her book excerpt was published.  Trouble is, I can’t find a copy of the book by Jordan Scott anywhere.  I read the  pleadings/complaint from her attorney here.  While I am no fan of Meyers, I’m no fan of people suing authors over bullshit.

Read the complaint, but leave your mind at the door.  Otherwise you will need a gallon of mind bleach.

Rules for editing fiction

I am trying to put together some rules for editing fiction that can be handed out to prospective editors at Daverana Enterprises.

I fumbled with it at first, and then started looking for things that others have said about the process.

The first thing that needs to be done is to read the book through completely to get an overall sense of it.  At the same time, you have to keep a list of the characters, place names, descriptions, and any peculiar word choices of the writer.

And I stumbled upon this blog and an excellent post.

Editors and copy editors, even with the best of intentions, can make a mess of a book and destroy the author’s vision.  This is especially true in the case of genre fiction, where the author’s vision may turn upon one or many unique concepts.

Many genre authors, especially in fantasy and sf, create their own words.  The word is defined and then applied throughout the manuscript.

Free Indirect Style

Validation is always nice.  Over the past eight years, since I began to actively write fiction again, several people have tried to get me to mend my ways and write in a different style.

What I do is consistent, but rather old fashioned (or so I am told) and some have called it (erroneously) third omniscient.  Luna Black got the closest to it when she called it “Russian Panoramic” but that was not right either.

I tried so hard to tone the style down that I only ended up dissatisfied and unhappy over the past few years.  I have a style that is natural to me, which started developing back when I was reading Dostoyevski, Tolstoy, and most especially Nicolai Gogol at 13.

Then yesterday a present from a friend arrived.

It’s a book by James Wood called “How Fiction Works.”

Lo and Behold, the style I write in has a name.  The entire book is about Free Indirect Style.

Yes, it is an old-fashioned style; but so long as it works, why fix it?

Messageboard blues

I want to announce that our messageboard has had a face lift and we’re ready to roll on it.  It covers Daverana, Flashing Swords, my own fiction, and Warcraft.

Come on, folks, let’s chat.

We even have a nitwit forum.