One of the reasons that I am reluctant to name names about those parties is that they included a former president of SFWA, a former president of HWA, and a major figure in the cyberpunk movement.  Two of those three no longer live in the US, and I have lost contact with all of them during the years that I withdrew from those communities and stopped going to the parties.

I continued for many years to avoid everyone, partly because I felt that I would not be believed if I spoke out concerning what had gone on in my life.  My fears were borne out when an editor said to me, “I can’t take sides.  Staying on good terms with H is important to my magazine.”  That was in response to my asking why he would no longer assign me to write articles.

The non-fiction agent I had at the time, also represented H.  He dropped me as a client because H was the bigger draw, and once the divorce went through I was persona non grata.