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Entitlement mentality: No personal anecdotes this time.

Wikipedia sums the entitlement mentality up more from the socio-political aspects, but it is equally applicable to the attitude of internet stalking wannabes in the publishing industry.

The industry that I cut my teeth in was a “culture of merit” and it continues to be only to a degree.  95% of self-published novels are dreck.

Case in point:

The vampire romance category is very popular with young wannabes.  Take the basic tenets of a harlequin romance and toss in some sexy vampires and voila! Darkity dark whipped cream on a chocolate sundae for undiscriminating juvenile appetites.  So you have the professional ‘culture of merit’ on the one hand and the wannabe s/p ‘culture of entitlement’ on the other.

It’s an unsatisfactory war that becomes more tiresome with time.

The only characterization that I can find in her portrayal of her main character is that she’s a young female desperate to get pregnant.  I seriously question the author claimed profundity of a protagonist whose only goal in life is to become a broodmare for a hot stud.  Well, maybe not ‘desperate’ — more like she’s a white picket fence vampire.

So she has two species of vampire. One the traditional undead and another variety that is a living vampire.  Nothing original there.

My sa’necari are necromancers who stole the powers of the vampires and ended up with their appetites as a side effect.  So, in a sense, they are living vampires and reproduce sexually.

The vampires in Underworld reproduce sexually.  One of them produced a child with a lycan.

Poppy Z. Brite’s vampires can reproduce sexually.  They are alive, not undead.

Meyers vampires can reproduce that way.

The examples are endless.

I have frequently stated that originality is in the interpretation.  It is possible to take a worn out idea and make it fresh again with a new approach.  It is also possible to come up with the most original concept since the creation of that chocolate sundae and still not write a book or story worth reading.

It takes both to make it work.

The entitlement mentality is a characteristic of nitwits and is frequently applied to their writing.  When the measuring stick of a ‘culture of merit’ is tossed out the proverbial window and replaced with an attitude of entitlement, what you get is “I writted somethin, there4 I is a genius, there4 I arterby famous and wealthy, worship me’ naked dancing on the web.

The discriminating reader soon finds that the sundae is filled with artificial ingredients and the chocolate is plastic.

Maybe a goat would like it, but goats will eat anything.

Despite this, they all want a seat at the highest table belonging to the members of the literary culture of merit.  And they are prepared to abuse all of our members just to get there.

Sorry, Charlotte and Charlie, but your tuna don’t work.  The table is filled, go eat with the bums around the corner.

The Failing Shield of Achievement

This is not a side of me that I generally allow myself to feel and be aware of.  Yet, I have to face it now.

All my life I worked hard at what I did.  It was not always appreciated, but I did it.  My ex used to tell me that I had no talent.  When I asked him why then had he bought my trilogy for the company he worked for, he told me that he had not read enough of the book to realize how piss poor my work was.  He brought home to dinner lovely young authors that he was cultivating and waved them in my face, giving them all the appreciation I so desperately craved.  After fifteen years of this, he sold an anthology to Longmeadow and the first words out of his mouth were, “write a story for it.”

I reminded him that he claimed I had no talent and he responded that he had never said that and had always told others how talented I was.  He got his story.  He then sold a reprint anthology idea that he had stolen from me and used my name as a critic as the lynch pin for getting that contract.  I had done all the research over a fifteen year period,  and the concept and execution was mine.  It went through two printings in hardcover both in a Longmeadow edition and a Border’s edition.  If you really look at the main introduction and the individual author intros, you can tell which ones are mine and which ones are his.  He was in a manic phase at the time.

I always got the things he wanted most and never achieved.  Especially the pieces in the Washington Post and the story in Amazons, which won the 1980 World Fantasy Award.  I got the review in Publisher’s Weekly that compared me favorably to C. J. Cherryh.  I was the one who got the MPAA accredited journalist acceptance.

And then, one day, I discovered by accident that he was telling everyone that he was ghosting everything that appeared under my byline.  That was a lie.  The articles and stories that I sold before I became involved with him are proof of that.  I was his tame writer on a leash, praised only when he needed me for something.

Whatever I had done growing up, he appropriated and told people that he had done them.

There is a book on the mind that does not have my name on it, except for in the dedication.  I did the research and I wrote it.  And all I got was a dedication.  That book earned over $60k in royalties.

He had gone into one of his panics,  the deadline was looming and so he shoved it at me to save him.  And I saved him as I always did.

In point of fact, I was still rescuing him right up until February of  ’08.

But that’s a story for another time.

Which brings us up to the present time and how it applies to the current situation with Sam Cox.

All of my novels that came out from Renebooks made the Fictionwise dark fantasy bestseller list.  Granted it is a small pond.  Yet it is a bigger pond than most people like Cox will ever see.

I sold over 300 articles during my Hollywood days.  I put the groceries on the table while his money went up in smoke to feed his habit.

When I got free of him, I believed that I had earned some form of cachet through my achievements.

I believed, erroneously, that those achievements should confer upon me a shield from the nitwits of the internet who cannot write to my level.

Instead, I find myself targeted by people like Dagstine, Pacione, Philbin, and now Cox — people who will never equal the things that I have done in the course of my life.

The entitlement generation demands a place at the table by walking over the metaphorical bodies and psyches of their betters.  They do not do the work.  They do not strive, as my generation did, to find that illusive perfection.  They do not grow because they already believe that they are perfect.

They have not truly suffered for their art.  They have not faced seemingly insurmountable odds and overcome them.

They have not striven with the words they have poured out upon the pages to the degree that marks the pro from the amateur.

Perhaps it is the cult of popularity in which a messageboard persona is more important than the craft.

What I see on the internet disturbs me.

The shield of achievement has been shattered by beauty contests and attention whores.

Are Brits too uptight?

I don’t consider any of my previous exchanges with Philbin, Theaker, et al to be actionable or excessive.  I don’t consider my posts on my blogs to be either.

Far more outrageous things are said by Americans on a daily basis.  I’m mild compared to most Americans.  I don’t often swear at people.  I don’t spread damaging lies.  I make certain that what I say is clearly my opinion only.  The Supreme Court has stated that blogs are opinions, not gospel.

Most people don’t react like this to what I post.

So what’s the problems with Brits?

This is seriously staining and straining my long years as an anglophile.  It’s making it much harder for me to continue to worship at the altar of England.

What gives?

Steven Theaker is still a nitwit

Stephen Theaker is still a nitwit.

Remember that post from two years ago?  Well, it got a new comment.   It seems that the fellow who was sooooo impressed with Mike Philbin’s cum-stained novel, Bukkakke World, objects to sex scenes when they are written by a woman.  Especially a woman who writes well.

I think the person must have been googling Theaker to have found it.

He is also the one who tried to encourage Philbin to have me extradited to Britain (or tried in absentia) for defamation of character over a book review I did of Philbin’s work.

Edited:  I added Stephen’s name to the tags so that this one will be picked up faster.

Jingoism, Philbin, and Janrae

So Mike Philbin called me a jingoist on SL and Matt agrees with him.  Or rather, by his silence, he agrees with Mike.

According to the Houghton Mifflin online dictionary, a jingoist is as follows:

One who vociferously supports one’s country, especially one who supports a belligerent foreign policy; a chauvinistic patriot.


  1. Of or relating to a chauvinistic patriot.
  2. Characterized by chauvinistic patriotism.


Now, I am wondering how that definition he has given me applies to his complaint about my review.  I see nothing chauvinist or militantly patriotic in my review of his book.

Hey, Mikie, please come over here and explain what you meant or acknowledge that you did not know what the word meant when you used it.  Tell us what you REALLY REALLY THINK of my review

Lorenzo is a big brave man


I stand just five feet tall.

Lorenzo, even if he is a short man, is still much taller than I am.

Yes, Lorenzo is a big brave man.

I am an old woman.

Lorenzo is a  young male, which means he is a lot stronger than I am.

Yes, Lorenzo is a big brave man.

I am physically crippled by polio, have high blood pressure, a melanoma on my forehead, hearing problems due to age,  cataracts, and a left side seizure disorder.

Lorenzo is healthy and young.

Yes, Lorenzo is a big brave man,

I rarely leave my apartment because I am in so much pain when I stand and walk.

Lorenzo has good strong legs.

Yes, Lorenzo is a big brave man.

I have an opinion, and that makes me an internet stalker

Lorenzo keeps threatening to have me prosecuted for internet stalking

Because Lorenzo is a big brave man

I don’t back down

Lorenzo feels forced to threaten my life.

Because Lorenzo is a big brave man.

Yes, Lorenzo is a big brave man who threatens crippled women old enough to be his mother because Lorenzo is a big brave man.

All young men who attempt to terrorize crippled old women are big brave men.

All young men who threaten to kill cripppled old women are big brave men.

All young men who try to have crippled old women arrested as internet stalkers are big brave men.

Because everyone knows that crippled old women are dangerous.

Because everyone knows that crippled old women are unstable.

Because everyone knows that crippled old women are something to be afraid of.

And that makes Lorenzo a big brave man.

Larry the saboteur

He read my blog.  In fact he reads it very thorougly.  He knew I was worn out, and he waited for his chance to wear me out again with four fresh baiting threads and a host of threats, including the suggestion that he intended to beat me to death and that I am a sociopathic stalker who the cops will be arresting.

I’m not a credible physical threat to Larry.  I don’t drive.  I could not take the bus or train to New York without being in so much pain that I would be unable to move long before I arrived.

Larry, on the other hand, is a credible threat to me in the eyes of law enforcement.

He wants to say that he’s afraid the “old sociopathic stalker” gets her just deserves when he brings me up on charges.

Although how a crippled woman can make him so frightened that he has to file charges against her makes him seem like weenie.

Seem like a weenie?

Let me correct myself there.


You can’t have it both ways, Lorenzo.

Either I am so frightening to you that you will go to the cops about me allegedly stalking you

Or, you are such a big man that you want to intimidate a crippled woman by threatening to beat her to death and having no remorse afterward.

So which is it Lorenzo?

Which does your ego demand?  My arrest or my death?

Guess what, Lorenzo …. I am convinced that you are afraid of me.

Under the state of Massachusetts stalking laws, if you should ever show up on my doorstep, I will be within my rights to shoot you.

And should you decide to make good on your threats, I would not hesitate to shoot you.

So TAKE this as a warning.