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The strange case of Lindsay's Aunt

Let’s start here with Lindsay’s bio. What I want you to notice here is that Lindsay says she lives with the following people: her parents, her sister, and two dogs. There is no mention of an aunt. Why mention the dogs and not the aunt? Especially if they were supposed to be close? Also Martha mentioned a brother of Lindsay’s living with them in her reveal. But Lindsay does not mention a brother either. Does she even have a brother?

I have taken screenshots of everything I’m linking you to.

Lindsay does the same thing to others that she accuses others of doing to her.  Read down to the third review.

I have complained in the past about false PR. This girl reviewed Lindsay’s book with great enthusiasm. This girl is also the face on the covers of Tabetha’s novels of the Draven, starting with Blood Magic.  You will note that the review is also riddled with grammar errors, spelling errors, and fairly empty headed.

Here is a link to Lindsay’s self published novel, Guilt of the Innocent.  The plot is your typical adolescent wish fulfillment tale of special powers and romance. The writing is chewing gum sentences. Without the circle jerk handsies from Tabetha’s harem of sycophants, I doubt that Lindsay would get any good reviews at all.

Lindsay wants to present herself as damaged goods emotionally. However, she also says she holds down three jobs.  She is only 6 months younger than my daughter. My ex was an abusive asshole; my daughter has PTSD. So I feel competent to recognize genuine damage. Lindsay is not damaged.

“Martha” says that referring to Lindsay as “the young artist” is normal for someone of her years. She claims to be 57. I’m 58 and would never refer to my daughter as “that young game designer” as if she were a child prodigy.

“Martha” claims to know nothing of computers, yet the first home computers came out while I was still in high school. It was “Martha’s” and my generation that got them first. So we know a huge amount about them.

“Martha’s” voice was clearly designed as a persona by someone who cannot write characters well. No Brit of my generation would speak the way that “Martha” speaks.

Oh, and Martha just posted a comment about not seeing what was abusive about Lindsay’s review. HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Yet, the mildest of criticisms of Lindsay are considered abusive. Pot meet kettle.

Lindsay started following me on twitter yesterday. I have blocked her.

I think this is enough to start with. Tally Ho! The Game is Afoot.



Tainted by Association: hows and whys

As I watched the arguments happen between two of my commenters over Lindsay, I felt that I had to discuss the topic of becoming tainted by association. First, this process of assumption that birds of a feather flock together is not always true. The only way that Lindsay can or will be considered “tainted” (not my word) is if she continues to champion Tabetha.  I have been assured that will not happen again.

Simply because a freelancer (whether artist or writer)  has done work for a questionable company does not stain their reputation.  Depending upon the circumstances, some of those jobs should be left off the resume as they have no worth. Freelancers do not have influence with a company. I’ve seen some freelancers fade out of sight after making bad decisions in relation to friends and employers, and then come back to find substantial success. It all depends upon the person themselves and whether they have the strength. These “taints” don’t carry over and most people will forgive and forget the little guy.

As for friendship, it’s an odd duck. We are friends with people for complex reasons and we always want to think the best of them. To drop a friend lightly is become a fickle individual. Telling Lindsay to stop being friends with Tabetha will have the same effect as telling a teenager to who she can and can’t date, with about as much success. Let it drop.

Pulling the subject of Lindsay into this conversation is diverting us from dealing with Tabetha herself.